Computercraft automatic enchantment sorter

<code lang="lua">
 local chest = peripheral.wrap("front")
 print("Radcom's Enchantment sorter V1.2")
 while true do
 for i = 1, chest.getInventorySize() do
 local item = chest.getStackInSlot(i)
 if item and item.ench then
 print("Found a ",, " with an enchantment")
 if item then
 print("moving: ",item.qty, " ",

Batch extract zip files

At work I needed to extract the contents from 600+ zip files to one place and select all, right click extract all did not work.
7-zip to the rescue, I used the command line version of 7-zip in a simple batch comand to loop through the files and extract each one
this code is written to be run from the same dir as the files to be extracted,
“C:\Program Files (x86)\7-Zip\7z” needs to be the location of the commandline version of 7-zip
“%CD%Backup files” this the format of the files to be extracted in this case it was a series of sequentially numbered files all called “Backup files 1,2,3,etc”

It is run straight from the command prompt not as a batch script

“C:\extracted” is the destination of the extracted files
[code lang=dos]for /l %x in (1, 1, 100) do “C:\Program Files (x86)\7-Zip\7z” x “%CD%Backup files” -oC:\extracted[/code]

all in all about 20 mins work to write and test