My improved youtube2mp3 converter script

A while ago I found this article it did exactly what it wanted at the time but me been lazy like I am decided it was time to upgrade it a bit mainly so I just need to supply it with the location URL and it names the file itself. cue investigation into youtube-dl (which is awesome) after finding that it can return the video’s title I fairly quickly got the rest sorted so here it is: Continue reading “My improved youtube2mp3 converter script”

Add a button to toggle auto-hide with XFCE on Ubuntu 12.04

I took the plunge today and installed Xfce on my Ubuntu Laptop after my last fight with unity on gnome after discovering the magic of panels and the fact you can have them auto hide I am glad I switched but one thing is missing a button the toggle the auto-hide so I cant turn it off easily with out going through many layers of menus, so I decided to add one. Continue reading “Add a button to toggle auto-hide with XFCE on Ubuntu 12.04”

K8055 PHP interface source now available

I have now made the source for my k8055 php interface available standard terms of use use at own risk, I can’t be held responsible for your computer blowing up, first born dying, end of the world, etc. If you want to use for commercial stuff let me know. anyway here it is get it while its hot(my git server died & I haven’t recovered the data yet)

Git maybe hard but upstart at least is easy

I needed to have my minecraft server auto start when the server was powered on so after a couple of hours and lots or trial and error I found this helpful site and 5 minutes later my minecraft server was auto starting below is the final code used in my upstart script.

Continue reading “Git maybe hard but upstart at least is easy”