Fix basestation on windows 10

On windows 10 basestation the plane tracking software needs a copy of ftd2xx.dll (32bit) in the same directory as basestation.exe and try running it as administrator ideally right clicking on basestation.exe and changing the properties to force it to run as administrator on each run

Computercraft automatic enchantment sorter

local chest = peripheral.wrap("front")
print("Radcom's Enchantment sorter V1.2")
while true do
    for i = 1, chest.getInventorySize() do
        local item = chest.getStackInSlot(i)
        if item and item.ench then
            print("Found a ",, " with an enchantment")
            if item then
                print("moving: ",item.qty, " ",


Batch extract zip files

At work I needed to extract the contents from 600+ zip files to one place and select all, right click extract all did not work.
7-zip to the rescue, I used the command line version of 7-zip in a simple batch comand to loop through the files and extract each one
this code is written to be run from the same dir as the files to be extracted,
“C:\Program Files (x86)\7-Zip\7z” needs to be the location of the commandline version of 7-zip
“%CD%Backup files” this the format of the files to be extracted in this case it was a series of sequentially numbered files all called “Backup files 1,2,3,etc”

It is run straight from the command prompt not as a batch script

“C:\extracted” is the destination of the extracted filesfor /l %x in (1, 1, 100) do "C:\Program Files (x86)\7-Zip\7z" x "%CD%Backup files" -o C:\extracted

all in all about 20 mins work to write and test